surfing in portugalCan you imagine how awesome life would be if you had unlimited time to just hang at the beach and become a surf or Kite surf god?!

For so many this is just a distant dream, and idle fantasy they have whilst sat at their desks in their awful cubicle jobs.   One day that might even apply to you, you will long to become a surf grommet, but you will old with kids and a mortgage.

Don’t let that becoming a reality just yet.  With Xtreme we can make you have the most amazing summer (even in winter time) ever.  With our surf dude, surf instructor and kite surf legend programs you can spend months perfecting your sport, hanging by the beach and having the time of your life.

We have surf options in Morocco, Portugal, Australia and Africa.  We have kite surf options in South Africa and Spain.

Now these programs are not cheap, but then again devoting time to becoming a legend in an extreme sport shouldn’t be, but they are awesome and all inclusive as well.  That means once you have enough to embark on the programme you don’t have to worry about anything else, other than looking good and becoming a proper hero.  Check out our programmes below.